"It was a relief to finally find beautiful candles that are constructed with high grade essential oils instead of hydrosols and synthetic mixes.

A lot of my clients have chemical sensitivities and like me, had given up on being able to find naturally scented candles that didn’t fill the air with unknown ‘nasties’ and chemical irritants. I now refer all my clients to Candles and Houz and do so with complete confidence.

My clinic also engaged Claudia to produce some custom candles (using specific therapeutic essential oils) and I am delighted with the quality, how they burn and the service her company provided.

These are candles of a rare and superior quality!"



"Everything in this product range is made with absolute integrity. The resins, beeswax and essential oils are of the highest grade and as a consequence the experience of using them is enlightening.  

I love the scent of the Frankincense, myrrh and Dragons blood filling my sacred spaces and opening up new possibilities for living. I have bought these for friends who are like minded and appreciate value, quality and dedication". 

 Rosemary Stanway, Caulfield. VICTORIA


"Claudia’s products reflect her commitment to awareness, and facilitating personal well-being both, physically and spiritually . I have found an island of calm  in the use of the lavender essential oil in my diffuser– a nightly ritual after a hectic day.  Combined with the luxury blend of pure Epsom/ Dead sea & Himalayan bath salts in the ‘Candles and Houz’ Spiritual Pamper Pack, the stress literally melts away.  I’m sleeping much better and wake fully refreshed, ready to take on the challenges of each day.  Thanks Claudia for these wondrous products and your continued care! Cheers".                      

Catherine Rosenbrauer. Dover Heights, NSW


"Arriving in Melbourne in my new home, I wanted to celebrate with a fresh start and a shifting of the old energy. This house cleansing pack was a joy to use. Really Love the beautiful NATURAL Aromatherapy beeswax candle from my spiritual pamper pack . The subtle aromas filled the house and lifted my spirits - thank you!"

 Melanie Ruth. Bentliegh, VICTORIA


"I love that ‘Candles and Houz’ really stands behind all their products with lots of research and testing as well as attention to detail. I wasn’t disappointed, as it comes from a place of pure passion! All the Natural candles & organic lavender essential oil I purchased smell & feel amazing, leaving me with a sense of warmth and calmness during and after.

I have  been a skeptic  in the past & I’m very new to aromatherapy and therapeutic products. However  the spiritual pamper pack & my clearing pack are so easy to use & have really shifted my thoughts and energy which has put me on a path to a better version of me".

Kathy Ajami, Dubai UAE.