REVITALIZE - 100% natural bees wax candle with pure essential oils
BEESWAX ESSENTIAL oil Candle -REVITALIZE - 100% natural bees wax candle with pure essential oils
XL bees wax candle
REVITALIZE - 100% natural bees wax candle with pure essential oils
BEESWAX ESSENTIAL oil Candle -REVITALIZE - 100% natural bees wax candle with pure essential oils
XL bees wax candle


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MEDICINAL - 100% NATURAL Beeswax with pure essential oils candle

Chamomile, peppermint, a citrus blend & rosemary

Handcrafted in Australia from natural unrefined (Organic) beeswax.

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This Beeswax candle releases a mild scent of natural honey (from the beeswax) and  the natural blend of the essential oils. The 'Aroma Houz' candle contains NO other additives, artificial fragrance oils or perfumes,  the scent is  subtle and not over powering. And part of our limited edition medicinal range That's guaranteed 100% NATURAL with real essential oils. 

This special blend Motivates mind, body & spirit. Uplifts, detoxes, enhances concentration. Focus and memory. And so much more......

Peppermint -Anti-inflammatory, antitumerol, antiparasitic, antibacterial, digestive stimulant, pain relieving.

Purifies and stimulates the conscious mind and mental accuracy. Curbs appetite, improves and restores sense of taste, blocks headaches. Helps with arthritis, respiratory issues back problems and skin conditions.

Chamomile -  Relieves restlessness, anxiety, ADHD. Depression, insomnia and skin conditions (acne, dermatitis, eczema)

Calming and Relaxing, combats depression, insomnia and stress. Chamomile minimizes anxiety, irritability, and nervousness. Helps dispel anger, stabilizes emotions and assists to release emotions linked to the past.

Citrus blend  Antitumerol, antiseptic, improves micro circulation, immune system (increase white blood cells) metabolic stimulant, antiseptic, detoxifying, duretic.

 Assists in the stimulation of the mind body and spirit. Enhances, motivates and improves concentration, focus and memory. Helps circulation, hypertension, digestive problems, and anxiety.

Fat dissolving, cleansing for kidneys, Lymphatic & vascular system. Antidepressant. With the ability to combat tumor growth. 

(Refreshing & uplifting. Citrus oils help boost immunity, relaxation)

RosemaryAntitumerol, antiparasitic, antifungal, antibacterial, enhances mental clarity/concentration.

Calms & restores. Boosts mental alertness, eases anxiety and amplifies analytic & mental ability. Helps overcome mental fatigue & improves mental clarity and focus.

BEESWAX (BW) candles are the highest quality premium candle available. They offer a golden glow & beautiful  rich sweet scent from the natural honey scent in the wax, with the longest & cleanest burn of ANY candle.

This  premium 'Aroma Houz' candle is a true aromatherapy candle infused with high grade essential oils. And is completely pure and sustainable with absolutely no harm to the environment from start to finish and absolutely nothing artificial- guaranteed!

When burnt, beeswax candles produce negative ions which help remove pollution and allergens from the air making it  a cleaner and fresher environment for all, particularly asthma and allergen sufferers.

Beeswax candles  can also work as natural air purifiers and filters by clearing the air of the dust, pollen and other suspended pollutants.  In addition the candle heals through the heating of the essential oils in the candle.

Recommended burn time -1hr at a time to a reap the holistic, therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While our BW candles have a beautiful  consistent aroma they are not as strong or to be confused with candles infused or blended with chemical based fragrance oils, which have no medicinal therapeutic value and contain chemicals. If the label doesn't read '100% essential oils', It isn't! . This candle is a true aroma therapy-premium BW candle with medicinal & therapeutic properties which will assist with health and well being.

Also excellent for those who are highly sensitive. 

XL candle Approx. 90 hr burn time.