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My Story

From the moment you wake up & get out of bed everything you do is affecting your energy field. Keep it high frequency and remain mindful of the energy you are creating…….. By Lalah Delia

 Hello! And welcome.

Allow me to start by saying.... I've a long career in design, coming from a highly stressful, fickle and fast paced chaotic industry; I understand the importance of well-being & having the right tools & knowledge to maintain ones CHI and facilitate personal growth. 

Over the years, I also faced difficult personal challenges. So, I turned my attention inwards,  to Aromatherapy, powerful resin incenses and centuries of ancient practices (Energy clearing kits); resulting in wonderful discoveries and beautiful people that allowed me to enjoying a conscious and happy lifestyle.

Through my own personal journey of self-awareness & spiritual growth, I made it my priority to seek effective & alternative healing practices; allowing me to expand my awareness rapidly and overcome personal challenges. As a result I facilitated my own self-healing and a very peaceful state of mind.

When I started my search I found a barrage of misinformation and inferior products that had very little or no therapeutic benefit, they were costly and caused a great deal of confusion with no results. My intention is to genuinely help you dodge all the nonsense & myths out there and equip you with the most effective tools to start your healing process & your journey of awareness.

 I look forward to sharing my knowledge and these amazing 100% natural products, sourced globally to help you heal your life also. All AROMA HOUZ products are ethically & sustainably sourced. Supporting local, international farmers & employing villagers around the world. The AROMA HOUZ organic essential oils are sourced from a certified Organic supplier.

 Feel free to view my high quality premium holistic products and Exclusive healing packs. Don't hesitate to message me if you need help with anything!

"In Feng Shui, the best spaces are the ones with the most positive, peaceful, free-flowing energy. When that energy gets blocked, we feel blocked too, and when we are blocked we add to the blocked energy in our surrounds"

Make the change, and take back your power, Thank you for visiting!

Every AROMA HOUZ product is carefully tested,  prepared with love & activated to maximize healing benefits.

Claudia Chabo